Casual Update No. 1

For this post I’ve decided to just write about all the art related things that have been going on in my life. Starting with this wekend, I went to the Garfield Park Conservatory to do some sketching. It’s a giant conservatory and I honestly could get lost in it for hours. After walking around and exploring, I settled on a spot to draw. I wanted do something looking into a room through a doorway.  I started to get set up with my watercolors and a little girl cane by. She sat with her mom and just watched me paint. She asked a few questions but mainly just watched. It felt a little awkward but it was humbling.

Here’s my painting, I’m going to add some more detail, but I just roughed out the shapes.

Some pics of the plants … 

I’ve also been having fun drawing on the Canson XL mixed media paper. I always would draw with markers on bristol board, but I’ve wanted something with more of a tooth. 

I’m drawing a guy woah …

Yeah drawing men has always been a challenge for me. The face shape and lips always end up looking too feminine. Its also hard to come up with hair styles – but that’s a problem I have when drawing girls too. 

I feel like the skin looks blotchy and uneven whenever I draw with copics
Ordered Camilla D’Errico’s book Pop Painting that came with a bonus set of Holbien Duo Water Soluable Oils

So for the first time in my life I ordered products directly from artists.  It was super exciting and I loved their products. Artists like these inspired me to make a blog and shop!  

Thanks for reading! 


To ink or not to ink 

I always seem to reach a point in my art where I have to decide if I’m content with the pencil sketch or one work or if I want to ink it. Sometimes when I add color I feel like I ruin it but honestly it just looks different. Not in a good or bad way. 

On this one I really wash sure ..


greenmermaidMade this illustration of a fancy green girl wearing a mermaid style dress with a lot of GOLD GLITTER in the background.  I also used the Ohuhu Watercolor Brush Markers for the linework and have been enjoying these pens so far. P_20170703_170743.jpgAnd this is a little watercolor bookmark I made a while ago!

Yellow Glasses and Bangs

Today I got bangs – as in the kind for hair (obviously).  I’ve also been working on this piece “Yellow Glasses” which is now available for purchase in my shop.  I was inspired by a little doodle of a cat I made … and wanted to give him a friend.  I also gave them those little sprout headwear things because I think they’re cute.  I listend to an audiobook while working on this and got into a good art groove.  I used Gansai Tambi watercolors for this.  I really enjoyed painting this, and don’t have much else to write about …

yellow glassesedited

Paint Markers and Sonny Angels

Two days ago I drew this piece entitled “Warrior” with charcoals and liquitex paint markers.  Michael’s recently had a huge sale on art supplies and there were clearance bins full of these markers.  I’d wanted to use these acrylic paint markers after seeing torianne00 use something similar.  They are really fun to use – especially the giant ones that have the 8-15mm tip.  I started this piece intending to make it larger (the original is 5″ x 7″) but I wrinkled the paper really bad with my stupid foot, so I decided to do a little practice in the corner.  I ended up liking the practice and went with it.  I then trimmed down the paper so the ugly wrinkled paper left forever.


warrior with levels
“Warrior” – available on my shop

So besides the liquitex paint markers I used artist loft vine charcoals, a white charcoal, and strathmore pastel paper.  Also the picture quality turned out so bad because I have really shaky hands and need to use a tripod.  But this was a last minute thought to include a pic of my materials, so I didn’t feel like setting up a good place to shoot.  After all this is only my second blog post …

Horrible image quality — but here’s the materials I used

Also – look at theese sonny angels.  I love them so much they’re so cute!  I got a new teapot at IKEA for loose tea and ate some of their great cafeteria food – which is the whole reason I actually went to IKEA.  I love the salmon with the hollandaise sauce and pilaf, chocolate cake, and sparkling pear drink.

Sonny Angels and cactus (1)

I’m Starting a Blog …

I’m starting a blog … well because it’s rainy and I feel unmotivated to draw.  Frankly making a blog is more productive than sitting on my ass and watching TV, or mindlessly browsing the internet – so this is a start.  I’ve been considering starting a blog for a while, since I’ve had a burst of motivation and inspiration because summer is starting.  I opened a shop, am making goals, and taking my art more seriously.  I want to write about art and anything arty on this blog (completely unrelated posts will be interspersed throughout).  I basically want a place to write about and document my work, and share my ideas and experiences. I don’t expect very much traffic, but this is sorta just a project for me 🙂

Marigold with flower and for sale sign
Here’s a picture of “Marigold” – yes I know I have this picture everywhere but I like it and it’s the only illustration I so far have on my computer …