I’m Starting a Blog …

I’m starting a blog … well because it’s rainy and I feel unmotivated to draw.  Frankly making a blog is more productive than sitting on my ass and watching TV, or mindlessly browsing the internet – so this is a start.  I’ve been considering starting a blog for a while, since I’ve had a burst of motivation and inspiration because summer is starting.  I opened a shop, am making goals, and taking my art more seriously.  I want to write about art and anything arty on this blog (completely unrelated posts will be interspersed throughout).  I basically want a place to write about and document my work, and share my ideas and experiences. I don’t expect very much traffic, but this is sorta just a project for me 🙂

Marigold with flower and for sale sign
Here’s a picture of “Marigold” – yes I know I have this picture everywhere but I like it and it’s the only illustration I so far have on my computer …



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