Paint Markers and Sonny Angels

Two days ago I drew this piece entitled “Warrior” with charcoals and liquitex paint markers.  Michael’s recently had a huge sale on art supplies and there were clearance bins full of these markers.  I’d wanted to use these acrylic paint markers after seeing torianne00 use something similar.  They are really fun to use – especially the giant ones that have the 8-15mm tip.  I started this piece intending to make it larger (the original is 5″ x 7″) but I wrinkled the paper really bad with my stupid foot, so I decided to do a little practice in the corner.  I ended up liking the practice and went with it.  I then trimmed down the paper so the ugly wrinkled paper left forever.


warrior with levels
“Warrior” – available on my shop

So besides the liquitex paint markers I used artist loft vine charcoals, a white charcoal, and strathmore pastel paper.  Also the picture quality turned out so bad because I have really shaky hands and need to use a tripod.  But this was a last minute thought to include a pic of my materials, so I didn’t feel like setting up a good place to shoot.  After all this is only my second blog post …

Horrible image quality — but here’s the materials I used

Also – look at theese sonny angels.  I love them so much they’re so cute!  I got a new teapot at IKEA for loose tea and ate some of their great cafeteria food – which is the whole reason I actually went to IKEA.  I love the salmon with the hollandaise sauce and pilaf, chocolate cake, and sparkling pear drink.

Sonny Angels and cactus (1)


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