Casual Update No. 1

For this post I’ve decided to just write about all the art related things that have been going on in my life. Starting with this wekend, I went to the Garfield Park Conservatory to do some sketching. It’s a giant conservatory and I honestly could get lost in it for hours. After walking around and exploring, I settled on a spot to draw. I wanted do something looking into a room through a doorway.  I started to get set up with my watercolors and a little girl cane by. She sat with her mom and just watched me paint. She asked a few questions but mainly just watched. It felt a little awkward but it was humbling.

Here’s my painting, I’m going to add some more detail, but I just roughed out the shapes.

Some pics of the plants … 

I’ve also been having fun drawing on the Canson XL mixed media paper. I always would draw with markers on bristol board, but I’ve wanted something with more of a tooth. 

I’m drawing a guy woah …

Yeah drawing men has always been a challenge for me. The face shape and lips always end up looking too feminine. Its also hard to come up with hair styles – but that’s a problem I have when drawing girls too. 

I feel like the skin looks blotchy and uneven whenever I draw with copics
Ordered Camilla D’Errico’s book Pop Painting that came with a bonus set of Holbien Duo Water Soluable Oils

So for the first time in my life I ordered products directly from artists.  It was super exciting and I loved their products. Artists like these inspired me to make a blog and shop!  

Thanks for reading! 


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